Hong Kong boundary crossing facilities

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The best infrastructure projects of the year were chosen in the “city of the future”.

In October in Singapore, the Year in Infrastructure 2017 Conference was held, in which Bentley Systems & a professional jury named the winners of the prestigious BIM Achievement Awards Be Inspired. We will tell about the most outstanding projects in the field of design, construction & operation of infrastructure facilities, marked by recognized experts from around the world, as well as the famous Singapore buildings that won this competition several years ago.

bird's-eye view photography of city buildings

Every year, Bentley Systems, the leader in providing valuable software solutions for sustainable infrastructure development, organizes the international BIM contest “Be Inspired”. Innovative projects from different parts of the world are allowed to participate & leading industry experts select the best in several categories.

In 2017, 400 participants from 50 countries submitted applications to the Hong Kong boundary crossing facilities. Among them, the jury selected 51 finalists.


The winners were awarded in 17 categories of the competition:

  • in the construction of bridges (for the bridge over the Amur River between the cities Blagoveshchensk-Heihe, Russia-China)
  • in the construction of buildings & campuses of Morphosis (New York, USA)
  • in industrial construction (Hong Kong participants).

63 organizations nominated for “Be Inspired” 2017 used AECOsim software in their projects in the bridges, airports, various sports facilities, mining facilities, offshore installations, utilities, energy facilities, communication networks & water treatment systems creating.

Expert Reviews

One the main authors said that both from the outside & from the inside, every part of the design of the ArtScience museum works on the philosophy inspiring a bridge connecting art & science. This construction mixes aesthetic & practical, visual & techno aspects. For artists, it truly embodies the spirit of a country that is looking into the future.

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