Want to know how to say dusk in Chinese

New exhibition

One of the largest exhibitions of photo and video works related to transport will be held in Dusk to Dawn club In Shanghai – “From dusk till dawn”. So if you want to know how to say dusk in Chinese, you should know more about the event. It is worth noting that the organization of a full-fledged exhibition is a very difficult task. The event is quite large-scale and requires responsible preparation: samples of various works, photo and video entries on similar topics will be presented, among which the jury of experts will select the best samples.

About project organization

shallow focus photography of black DSLR camera

If you hold a camera in your hands for a long time, at some point you will want to share your photos with the outside world. If you always take pictures in one particular genre – the question with the theme of the exhibition will not arise for you. But if you experiment and search in various genres, then the question of the subject of the first photo exhibition is the first question that should interest you. If you plan to apply for financial assistance to charitable organizations, the subject of the exhibition is very important, because, starting from it, you will need to convincingly interest the intended sponsor, telling him or her about the need and importance of organizing your first photo exhibition.

Every detail is very important. You need to properly design the project in every detail. In most cases, the color of the walls should be black or gray. There must be filling light and separate sources of it in space. Each work should be illuminated by a separate light source located above the photograph. It does matter what works are presented at the exhibition. In addition, it is important to place the photos to minimize glare from the light on the glass.

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What photos should be like

The work must be decently printed, bearing an indelible trace of the author’s vision and intelligence, and having artistic value for the viewer. For now, we confine ourselves to such requirements and specify that the portfolio and the selection of works for the exhibition are not the same things. The commercial value of pictures and their significance for the viewer do not always converge in the same set of photos. You will be able to enjoy Lloyd’s photo Manitowoc image dawn and other artists works. Try your hand and send your most successful works in the right subject to the competition – we wish you good luck and don’t forget to check Dawn news videos!