HSE UK transformation of the enterprise

In order to open great prospects, Nooteboom decided to change its geographical reference point. Now, this enterprise is Nooteboom UK, and not Nooteboom HSE, as it was originally – this is reported by the HSE media center.

Such a move and transfer of location between HSE UK, as the company’s management believes, will open more opportunities.

Trailer spare parts

containers vans

It is difficult to imagine a large-scale production, which would not need Nooteboom products. The Dutch company is deservedly the leader in the production of medium-tonnage vehicles.

The history of Nooteboom trailers in the UK goes back to the end of the last century. In 1881, a small settlement Ketel, located in a suburb of Rotterdam, was chosen by local craftsmen as a site for the construction of a forge. In the 20th century, Nooteboom gradually evolved into a production base specializing in trailers with steerable axles.

The production of semi-trailers begins in 1953, and then the path between UK HSE begins as well. The factory was moved to the vicinity of the city of Nijmegen. Already here assemblage of low-frame trailers has begun. 1996 was marked by the introduction of hydraulic steering control on trailers Nooteboom. In 1975, hydraulic technology naturally came to the suspension. In 2006, Nooteboom decided to expand. A major deal is underway to acquire major competitors: Floor Trailers and Kennis Trailers. As a result of the transaction, the Nooteboom Group is conceded.

Historical event

April 2010 becomes a watershed for Nooteboom – a decision is made about the company’s specialization in technology designed to work in difficult conditions. Branches Floor and Kennis are not needed and are put up for sale. The segment of consumer platforms, however, does not disappear as a direction – the Nooteboom Trailer Service, formed on the basis of the Floor division, continues to operate.

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Currently, Nooteboom still produces a wide range of platforms for various purposes with a carrying capacity of 20 to 140 tons. 350 skilled workers are working on the creation of vehicles.

The production of trailers is organized in the Dutch cities, as well as in the Romanian Medias. The sales network of Nooteboom consists of more than 60 client centers. The Nooteboom production range includes trailers with low loading, semi-low-profile semi-trailers, as well as telescopic platforms with the possibility of extension and full-sized trailers.