Heavy HVAC units are removed by Antony Crane in Pittsburgh

Antony Crane: fast and safe work on the building in Pittsburgh

A difficult task for the heavy lifting was fulfilled by Antony Crane. The specialists of the company managed to remove several HVAC units from the very top of the roof. The works were carried out for Allegheny General Hospital located in Pittsburgh. The removal was carried out on behalf of the HVAC sharer McKamish. The latest was the sharer responsible for the supply of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning units.

low angle photography of cranes on top of building

The hospital building had a height of over 47 meters, while Antony Crane had to remove the equipment from the very top. To do it, they had to reach the height of over 12 meters over the rooftop. The task was to remove several pieces of equipment. The weight of the heaviest one totaled almost 7 tonnes. Another problem was the limited working area. Thus, the contractor made a decision to use an all-terrain crane Terex AC 250-1 instead of their typical vehicle with luffing jib and full counterweight.

As a result, they managed to complete the task in a few hours, while the installation of the equipment took less than 2.

Terex AC 250-1 crane’s features

The vehicle was selected of all AC’s cranes for works in Pittsburgh because of its outstanding characteristics:

  • number of axles: 6
  • main boom: 80 m
  • control system: Demag IC-1 (equipped with touchscreen)
  • type of suspension: hydro-pneumatic.

The boom of the crane is very powerful. It is combined with the main stack of counterweights. Outrigger base and the radius of the tail are the smallest in the category, which allows working in a restricted space. At the same time, the boom is very high. The vehicle is maneuverable and stable while driving.

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McKamish: general information

McKamish is a company, which was founded in Pittsburgh in 1975. Initially, they specialized in metal constructing. Today they are known as a firm working with production, installation, and service of HVAC, as well as plumbing, piping, and custom metal production systems in the region of Mid-Atlantic. The dedication to work and great experience made the company a leader of the sphere. They work to meet the customers’ requirements and find the cost-efficient solutions. McKamish was a power and industrial contractor for the installation of HVAC units on the roof of Allegheny General Hospital. Today they work on many projects all over the region supporting their wonderful reputation.