Hydraulic lift trailers meet the helpful modernization

The Nooteboom company developed a new lift axle, which was called PowerUp. As we know, the lift axles used to be applied only to the axles based on air suspension, while the application together with the hydraulic lift trailers was limited. Now the situation gets different.

The renovated semi-trailer lift axle kit is created with a clever hydraulic controller and special software developed by Nooteboom. The developers claim that the system is very simple to operate and extremely reliable.

The lift axle under consideration is also used as a support during the starting-off. It is able to lift the front axles of the hydraulic suspension off-road semi-trailers up to a speed of 20 km per hour. Thus, the fifth wheel of the lift hydraulic machinery shows the increase in the weight and load on the driving axles improving the traction.

The control of the PowerUp lift axle is fulfilled by means of the buttons either on the tractor or inside of the cab.

The lift axle is applicable with the following variation of vehicles created by Nooteboom:

  • Multitrailers
  • Ballast trailers
  • Teletrailers
  • Eurotrailers.

As for the trailers equipped with the pendle axles, they do not require such addition.

The advantages of the lift axle

The renovation from Nooteboom brings lots of positive moments. Let’s consider some of them:

  • less tire wear (it allows decreasing the cost of the vehicles in general)
  • reduced fuel consumption (it also adds to the cost efficiency)
  • better maneuverability
  • overload protection (the application of PowerUp is able to prevent the excessive axle load, thus, making the life of the vehicle longer).
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It is a good protection for both the machinery and the road surface.

The innovation is applied for the safety reasons. It can let the automatic lowering function of the axles operate when the trailer is moving, which minimizes the risks of being trapped.

Another advantage of PowerUp is the possibility to use them in the majority of European countries as it fully meets the international regulation.