The Broekman Distriport firm will handle the Hydro cargoes in 2015

After being awarded for the services contract to Pacorini Metals (a logistics services provider), the Hydro Aluminum company has decided to select Broekman Distriport as a handler for their cargoes in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

According to the information from the firms’ representatives, it is going to be a completely new approach to the supply chain management for the Hydro Aluminum company.

Pacorini Metals, which has been founded in 1933, is responsible for the transportation of the products made by Norwegian producer from its factories to Europe. The plants are located in:

  • Sunndal district
  • Husnes village
  • Karmoy municipality.
  • The key tasks of the company are:
  • stevedoring
  • warehousing
  • forwarding of freights.

green and yellow ship on sea during daytime

Besides the cargoes coming to the European market, Pacorini Metals carries responsibility for the freight directing from Europe to Norway. The company offers various logistics services including:

  • sea transportation
  • land transportations
  • loading/offloading
  • industrial processing
  • warehousing
  • optimization, etc.

The facilities of Broekman Distriport in Rotterdam have appeared to be quite impressive. It has become the main reason for the decision to choose this firm. Moreover, they specialize in steel and the other metals, which tell about their great experience in this sphere. The facilities of the firm include:

  • 2 deep-sea quays (which have 12.65-meters draft)
  • 1 all-weather terminal
  • a few warehouses (with both open and covered storage).
  • The warehouses have a very big territory, which totals up to thirty hectares.

The Hydro Aluminum company information

The Norwegian firm has a very long history, which totals more than a century. It was founded in 1905. The foundation was a part of the industrial revolution. Today they cooperate with the companies on several continents and work with different industries, becoming one of the industrial giants in Norway. The primary direction of the firm is the natural resources, namely steel, aluminum, bauxite, etc. They deal with the production, recycling, and expertise.

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Hydro Aluminum launches many programs connected with anti-corruption legislation and the basic human rights. The company has been included in the Sustainability Indexes of Dow Jones every year since 1999. It is also a part of the British corresponding index FTSE4Good.

The Broekman Distriport company


The firm works in the sphere of shipping, warehousing, and forwarding of break bulk and roll-on roll-off. The services offered by Broekman are as follows:

  • sea/ocean transportations
  • land transportations
  • air freights
  • multimodal transport.

The company provides the customers with reliability, safety, and fast delivery. Being situated in Central Europe, it connects it with every part of the world.

The firm was established in 1961. The initial growth was on all the fronts. Besides, they own a key logistics turntable in the Port of Rotterdam, which still brings the increase of global goods’ supply. Broekman Distriport is one of the leading shipbrokers and shipping agents in Rotterdam.

The cooperation with the industrial giant Hydro promises the future development and growth of the logistics company.