Hydro Aluminum cargos will be handled by Broekman Distriport

Hydro Aluminum contract

After the Hydro’s award of a contract for logistics services was obtained by Pacorini Metals, it was decided that loads of the manufacturer would be handled by Broekman Distriport.

The facility became responsible for the stevedoring services in Rotterdam.

It was called a new approach to the organization and management of the supply chain by Hydro Aluminum. As for Pacorini Metals, they became accountable for:

  • warehousing
  • transportation forwarding
  • stevedoring.

The transportation was planned to be carried out from several producer’s plants including Sunndal, Husnes, and Karmoy. The manufactured goods were directed to the European market. In its turn, Europe planned to export their own cargoes to Norway.

Broekman Distriport: details about the handler

Broekman Distriport is one of the facilities owned by Broekman Logistics. It is situated in the Rotterdam port in the Netherlands. The facilities offered include:

  • quays (two units of deep-water ones)
  • a terminal
  • warehouses (a few units)
  • storage facilities (covered)
  • draft (over 12 meters).

The total territory of the facility is over 30 hectares.

As for the Broekman Logistics Company itself, it offers a full range of logistics services. They are experienced in railway, road, water, air transport as well as in multimodal transportations. The head office of the firm is located in Rotterdam, while the other offices operate all over the world. The company was founded in 1960. Today it continues its development and expansion.

Pacorini Metals: general information

Pacorini Metals is a logistics and transportation company, which specializes in trucking and storage services. The staff of the firm reaches over 1,000 people. They own more than 150 warehousing facilities.

The company appeared in 1933 in Italy. Metal business was initiated in 1981. Gradually, the firm was expanding and developing coming to the Spanish, US, Turkish, African, and Latin American markets.

In 2016, the firm experienced the rebranding. Today they are known as Access World. The company continues its strategy of development by offering more facilities and high-quality services, such as warehousing, stevedoring, freight forwarding, packing, and others to their customers. Access World has a wonderful reputation, while the number of their clients keeps growing every year.

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