See the highlights of the most important Middle East event for the logistics

Meet the most important Middle Eastern event of 2018

In 2018, the traditional breakbulk conference for the ME was carried out at the National Exhibition Center of Abu Dhabi. The event in the Middle East was scheduled for the dates from the 6th to the 7th of February. There were over 60 exhibitors taking part in the logistics conference. Among the important issues of the event, there were project cargoes, over dimensional transportations, etc.

Among the visitors of the forum, there were lots of industry representatives, such as:

  • Fluor
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Petrofac International
  • Technip, etc.

Those companies take the leading positions in the market. There were also the representatives of the Middle East media.

blue and red cargo ship on sea under white clouds during daytime

The following figures were among the organizers of the event:

  • Ben Blamire (the commercial director)
  • Rafiq Sayyad (the sales manager)
  • Robert Janusauskas (the advertising sales manager).

The event was also supported by AmCham Abu Dhabi. The latest is an independent association, which works to improve commerce and investment.

Consider the most important topics discussed and observed during the Middle East conference 2018 in Abu Dhabi:

  • projects in post-conflict regions
  • supply chain for the industrial projects
  • Project Environment in Kuwait, etc.

More information about the Middle East show for the transportation sphere, which was organized in Abu Dhabi, is available on the official website.

Middle East Breakbulk event: general information

The Middle East location in Abu Dhabi is one more place for the most important event in the logistics industry. The forum is organized on an annual base. It is one of the most significant events for the development of the sphere.

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Many famous companies attend the forum every year. It is a nice ground for cooperation and sharing of knowledge and experience. The program of the show is always interesting and diverse. It includes:

  • seminars
  • conference sessions
  • discussions
  • workshops, etc.

It is also a good chance for the companies to become globally known, as plenty of foreign guests come to take part in Breakbulk Middle East.

It is vital to remember that there is a preliminary registration for the participants. More data about it as well as the Middle Eastern logos and other information concerning the event might be found on the Internet.

Breakbulk 2019 in the Middle East is scheduled for the 11th-12th of February.