Impressive lifting operations by Fluor company in Baytown, TX

Fluor craft workers hit the milestone

Fluor became one of the contractors for the construction project in Baytown, Texas. The latest is aimed at the construction of the ethane cracker. It is the first green field project carried out in the US for over a decade. Besides, it is considered one of the biggest crackers existing in the country. The project was initiated by Chevron Phillips. The latest deals with the petrochemical business all over the world. They were founded in 2000.

Fluor craft workers in Baytown managed to complete all the lifts required to start the constructions. Among them, there was the tallest lift of a C2 Splitter. The latest is necessary for the construction of a part of a cracker required for the olefin separation. The height of the element reached over 250 feet while its weight was over 560 tonnes (just like the weight of more than 300 cars). To fulfill the operation, the specialists of the firm applied their best cranes.

Besides, there were eight other lifting operations completed. Among them, there were major pieces of equipment required for the operation of the plant. As for the weight of the elements, each of them was more than 250 tonnes. The weight of three elements totaled even 500 tonnes. Over 2,500 specialists of Fluor took part in the project.

As the representatives of the company claimed, they used integrated solutions to fulfill such challenging tasks. As a result, everything on the site in Baytown, Texas was done by Fluor in time satisfying the schedule and cost goals of Chevron. Now the construction of the cracker is on its way.

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Fluor: general information

The firm is one of the largest companies working in the EPFCM sector in the world. They offer creative, innovative, and integrated solutions to meet the requirements of their customers. The specialists of the company provide the schedule certainty, improved cost, and great efficiency.

The history of the company started over a century ago. Fluor is famous for plenty of successful projects and excellent reputation in the global market. The offices of the company are situated all over the world. The number of workers exceeds 55,000 people.

The specialists of Fluor work with the representatives of various industrial sectors. More information concerning the activities of the company and the current ethane project is available on