Impressive presentation of Liebherr lr 13000 – features of the model and all the nuances of the novelty

Massive CC model named LR 13000 – Liebherr crane raised three cranes (a total mass is 1,430 tons).

The main feature of the entertainment program “Crane picking up crane” was an impressive show with a “crane-mobile”, which demonstrated the outstanding carrying capacity that has the biggest tracked crane Liebherr 13000 in the world. With the help of specially designed crossbeams, the next crane model is to be lifted by the flagship of the other model of equipment- Liebherr crane picking up crane, the 1,080-ton LR 11350, which kept two more crawler cranes LR 1350 (288 tons) and LR 1100 (62 tons). In front of the amazed public, LR 13000 made a turn of the platform and moved forward with this 1,430-ton “crane-mobile”. Liebherr crane demo was also demonstrated, where new lifts cranes model was presented in all the best aspects of heavy crane lifting.

Liebherr cranes – the most powerful in the world: crane holding crane unique experiment

Technical progress stimulates the creation of real monsters to lift weights. It is a question of automobile cranes, which are able to independently reach the place of work. The engineers and designers of the German company Liebherr have especially succeeded in the production of heavy-duty truck cranes. To date, the model range of self-propelled trucks of this company owns the majority of world records for load-carrying capacity, cargo-lifting height, and the safety of installation work with super-heavy loads.

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Liebherr LR13000 price and specialties

For example, the Liebherr LR13000 truck crane can successfully cope with a weight of 3,000 tons (this is its official lifting capacity), raising it to a maximum allowed height of 12 meters. The hook part of this giant weighs 111 tons, and its length is 99.7 meters. In the motion, the crane LR13000 is driven by two Liebherr V8 engines working on the base of diesel fuel, the total power of which is 1360 hp. This mobile crane is used in the construction of nuclear power plants when installing chemical and oil refineries. It is able to raise and install oil refineries, chemical reactors of impressive dimensions – weighing up to 1,500 tons and with height up to 100 meters.

Liebherr LTM11200

The Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 is one of the most powerful mobile cranes in the world. It is capable of lifting a cargo of 1,200 tons. By the way, its arrow with the help of extensions can be increased to 170 meters. It is designed in such a way that in transport position, it fits into the dimensions of European highways. A powerful 9-axle chassis, driven by a diesel engine of 680 hp can accelerate the truck crane to a speed of 75 km/h. It easily succeeds in lifting 100 tons of cargo to a height of 80 meters. Most often, it is ordered for installation of wind power generators, where huge loads of 55-80 tons need to be raised to a height from 100 to 150 meters. For the safety of workers, it is serviced by a whole team of operators who carefully monitor the lifting of the cargo.

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