Incident with 1500-ton hydraulic crane

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On the territory of Great Britain, during the construction work, a 500-ton crane turned over. The boom of the crane tipping caught on the pile, thus preventing the fall into the water to a depth of about 4 meters. Fortunately, there were no accidents. The crane is owned by the company worked in the port on a reconstruction project. On the weekend, the company used all its strength to restore the crane.

Earlier a similar case, but with victims, occurred in Serbia.

Tragedy in Serbia

In Serbia, four people were killed and three were seriously injured when a heavy crane overturned on a construction site in Belgrade on Wednesday.

The crane with a capacity of 500 tons turned over when a group of workers of the construction company Elite Kop was standing next to it.

As the state television of Serbia reports, the injured people received urgent medical assistance, after which they were taken to Belgrade hospitals.

A special commission arrived at the scene of the incident, which began to investigate the causes of the incident.

According to official data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, for seven months of this year, in Serbia, 27 people were killed in the workplace and more than 500 were injured.

At the same time, in the union of construction workers and construction materials of the industry, they believe that these data are greatly understated.

Crane model

The useful self-propelled monster with a carrying capacity of 500 tons. One of the most common representatives of the class of heavy-duty truck cranes is the German Liebherr LTM 1500, the maximum carrying capacity of which is 500 tons. Why a Liebherr 500-ton crane is useful? The ability to perform complex rigging operations with heavy equipment, carry out loading and unloading operations with multi-tonnage and large-sized cargoes, perform construction and installation works in hard-to-reach places, make a 500 ton hydraulic crane manufactured at Liebherr plants very popular.

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Demand for the services of such a mechanism is explained not only by its high carrying capacity, but also by the world’s longest telescopic boom, which can be expanded up to 84 m, and also by the ability of the Liebherr 1500 crane to telescope the cargo, i.e. to push an arrow with a suspended load. This type of property in most cases finds application in the reconstruction of buildings and structures, when it becomes necessary to deliver the goods through an opening in an existing wall or when working indoors, where the boom maneuver is limited. In these cases, a 500-ton crane equipped with a seven-section telescopic boom, which can vary from 16.1 to 84.0 m, is simply irreplaceable.

Of course, renting a 500 tons truck crane costs a lot of money, so before this mechanism appears on the construction site, its careful preparation is necessary. While the powerful mechanism will work, it will have an effect, i.e. renting a crane of 500 tons will be economically justified when it is fully loaded.