Meet the multifunctional Mega trailer with hydraulic drive axle

Nooteboom has developed flexible, maneuverable, and multifunctional machinery for the abnormal transport sector. This rotor trailer is equipped with the hydraulically steered axles combined with an extendible load floor. Another positive moment is that it is both high and low trailer. It is achieved by making the load floor height as low as possible (98 mm). The flat load floor can be extended to over 29 m.

As the hydraulic steering with the thin gooseneck is used in the Mega trailers, they are sturdy and durable. There are no vulnerable elements in the structure. Besides, such solution makes the vehicles extremely maneuverable.

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Consider some other advantages of the trailers:

  • minimal tire wear (has a positive impact on the maintenance cost)
  • good axle distance (increases the axle load up to 10 tonnes/axle)
  • high payload (thanks to the low dead weight).

We should also mention the high quality of the machinery. The main beam is made of high-grade steel, while the chassis is durable and efficient with the torsional stiffness and a low dead weight. Nooteboom applied only A-brand elements.

Let’s look at the other characteristics of the Mega trailer with steering axle:

  • axle load: 10 tonnes/axle (at 80 km/h)
  • flat load floor extension: single/double (without intersection/gooseneck)
  • kind of Mega trailer suspension: air (raise/lower option)
  • number of axles: 3
  • axle type: SAF/BPW
  • the distance between axles: 1810 mm.

Besides, there are several variations of ramps, toolboxes, and storage boxes available. There are also sliding width enlargers.

The information about Nooteboom

Nooteboom is one of the leading companies, which produce the products for the abnormal transport industry. The vehicles of the firm are always top-quality, safe, maneuverable, and durable. Lots of companies from different countries cooperate with Nooteboom because of their great experience.

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The manufacturer uses innovative technologies and advanced methods to create the trailers, which fully correspond to the requirements of the market.