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Safety in operation of tower cranes

  1. The management of the tower crane is allowed for persons who have undergone a medical examination and have a certificate for the right to operate the crane, issued by the qualification commission with the participation of the inspector.
  2. The certificate is issued for a period of one year, after which the driver must be again checked by the qualification commission with the subsequent extension of the rights to manage the crane.
  3. The appointment for the position of the crane operator must be formalized by an order.
  4. When operating the crane, the operator must strictly observe the rules of the technical operation of the cranes and the safety rules. The driver should remember that violating the rules of operation of the crane could lead to not only the idle time of the tower crane but also cause a serious accident with human casualties, for the consequences of which an engineer will be responsible.
  5. The driver must perform all operations only on the signals of his personally known riggers, who carry a certificate for the right to service the tower crane. Working on the signals of unauthorized persons is prohibited. An exception is the “stop” signal, which is executed by the machinist, regardless of who it is.
  6. The signaling is carried out by the rigger with a red flag in strict accordance with the established rules.
  7. When performing repair work on the crane, the operator performs certain operations only on the signals of the persons who are repairing them.
  8. The operator has the right to monitor the work of the riggers in order to prevent possible violations of the rules for servicing the crane. If he finds that the riggers violate the rules, the machinist has the right to demand a check on knowledge of the riggers.
  9. If there are any misunderstandings between the machinist and the rigging brigade, the driver is obliged to apply for settlement of the disputable issues to the construction administration.
  10. During his shift, the driver is responsible for the crane entrusted to him and the equipment related to the crane.
  11. The driver must necessarily participate in the preventive maintenance of the crane served by him and in the delivery of the crane to the inspection. During the repairs on the crane with the portal switch off, a warning poster “Do not switch!” should be posted on the switch.
  12. The driver must know the weight of the crane and the weight of the individual building components that it can lift at max.

If the work on the crane is to be continued after the shift, the operator must not leave the crane before the changer arrives, informing his administration about this.

The responsibility of the tower crane operator

If the driver is working in violation of the rules and instructions, he is subject to administrative penalty, and in the presence of an accident that occurred due to violations, is brought to justice.

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