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Modern Istanbul is considered one of the richest cultural and historical centers. Annually about 10 million tourists come here to soak up the sun on the shores of the Black and Marmara Seas, ride a boat on the Bosphorus, see museums and monuments, taste local cuisine and go for a walk through the famous Grand Bazaar.

Even a month is not enough to see all the sights. All kinds of castles, towers, mosques, and palaces can be found here.

Historical reference

red and black Mosque

Previously, these lands belonged to the people of Akritas, and in 1400, the ruler Bayezid annexed this territory to the Ottoman Empire. After the Greek-Turkish exchange of population took place, the Turks settled the area. Now, this quarter is located in the east, between the districts of Kartal and Pendik, in the Asian part of Istanbul. The territory of Tuzla ends on the shores of the Marmara Sea.

Inhabitants of these lands were initially engaged in fishing, shipbuilding, and port business. These areas are relevant to this day. Just now, they gained a large scale. Today the fishing village has grown and transformed. In Tuzla of Istanbul, there are now several large universities, many houses, and skyscrapers. The area is located 20 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen Airport and 80 km from Ataturk Airport.


The port of Tuzla is the middle port in Turkey. If we talk about large-scale technical projects, not so long ago, the dry Colonna’s dock was safely loaded. Thanks to the use of a modern vessel Xin Guang Hua, it became possible.

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An interesting place of this region is the Faruk Yalcin Zoo. At first, it was a small nature reserve in the courtyard of the house, but then the owner did not have a place and had to expand. Over time, people learned about this wonderful place and now they come to the zoo from all over Istanbul. Conditions for animals are decent and as close as possible to natural ones.

Still, on the territory, there is a Japanese park with benches, swings, rare flowers, trees, and small clay gnomes. This green oasis is better to visit on weekdays because on weekends, there are huge queues and a crowd of local residents. There is also an active shipping factory on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. There you can see how the ships and small boats are designed and assembled.