New information about different trailers

The universal low-bed semi-trailer (3-bed trailer) has been improved to accommodate various loads (bed transporter) in European countries. It is a three or four-axle semi-trailer combination trailer with a single push-out (telescopic beam of a single extension). The small own weight of the semi-trailer and the low caterpillar allow the use of a semi-trailer inside the EU countries to transport up to 26 tons of payload. All transportations with the help of different trailers are carried out in compliance with the relevant domestic regulations bonding the procedure for the performance of normal freight traffic in the range of 40-44 tons.

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The semitrailer is designed for a maximum payload of 32 tons, while the total mass of the road train can reach up to 48 tons.

How long is a standard semi-trailer? It can withstand the load on the fifth wheel coupling up to 18 tons and is available with a design height of 150 mm and 220 mm. The height of the loading platform has more pluses. For users, there is a choice of loading platform height between 760 mm, 860 mm, and 890 mm.

Control system

Semi-trailers with low bed are equipped with air suspension. As a control system, axles with forced hydro-mechanical control, including those using the remote control, can be installed.

The new triple-x trailer is manufactured to the individual needs of the carrier.

Semitrailers are manufactured taking into account individual wishes and needs of the customer.

Semitrailers can be equipped with:

  • aluminum traps for 32 tons hydraulically raised to the level of the platform
  • niches in the frame of a low-frame platform for wheeled vehicles
  • niche between the axes for the excavator boom
  • extension bars with wood panels in a steel casing
  • fittings under 20 and 40-foot containers
  • floor of the grate for working platforms or of wood for construction machines.
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Semitrailer, among other things, can be used to transport the following goods in the EU countries:

  • light construction machines (construction of underground engineering structures, road construction)
  • lifting equipment (lifting platforms, forklift trucks etc.)
  • containers
  • yachts and boats
  • oversized, long-length, and other heavy cargoes.