Information about Nooteboom’s OSDS

Nooteboom presented their OSDS semi-low loader, the effectiveness of which appeared to be overwhelming. The vehicle is a part of SMART program of the company. The creation was aimed at achieving higher efficiency and more possibilities.The machinery is able to transport loads of various weights. The dead weight of the vehicle is as low as possible, while the running costs are also minimal. Such solution turned the trailer into a perfect ratio of possibilities and prices. Besides, the vehicle itself is comparatively cheap.

The machinery was developed for both professional and private transport operators, which became another advantage of the vehicle. Creating the trailer, Nooteboom applied the most advanced technologies and methods. It is considered a multitrailer created with only A-brand elements.

yellow and black heavy equipment

The tubular beam is created with high-grade steel, which is a guarantee of:

  • reliable chassis
  • low load floor height
  • great torsional stiffness
  • low dead weight.

What’s more, the trailer has the quality finish and conservation, while the chassis is fully zinc coated.

Despite such high quality, the price of the machinery is competitive. It is supported by the low operational and maintenance costs, long period of life, and high effectiveness.

The features of the semi low-loader

The vehicles of such type are produced in different variations depending on the requirements and goals of the customers. They can have the following characteristics:

  • the number of axles: 3-4
  • type of suspension: air (with raise/lower function)
  • loaded floor height: 86 cm (in a driving position)
  • extendable load floor: fixed/single
  • technical axle load: 9-10 tonnes per axle (with the speed of 80 km/hour)
  • load floor width: 2,520 mm
  • axle distance: 1,360 mm
  • axle type: SAF
  • self-tracking rear axles: 1-2.
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There is a wide range of ramps offered for this vehicle, which can be used depending on the purpose of the application.

The standard package of the trailer includes air suspension, self-tracking axles, and a large number or TÜV-certified lashing eyes.