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In this section, we have collected the actual and most interesting information for you about the world’s largest construction cranes. The list can be replenished, as well as the archive of media materials about the most interesting models.

World’s largest mobile crane

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Different machines with very impressive dimensions always attracted increased attention from not only ordinary people but also from a professional point of view. Indeed, nowadays, you will rarely see a massive technical structure capable of moving loads of more than one thousand tons. It is noteworthy that such machines are produced only by certain firms specializing in the production of a variety of equipment. Generally, typical construction uses cranes with a relatively low load capacity – about 50 tons. This is quite enough for the main types of construction, produced on the territory of various objects. More powerful technology is designed for special operations that require work with large weights and weights, as well as the installation of various technical equipment. It remains only to guess what architectural monuments would have remained since the construction of the Egyptian pyramids if they had such technological innovations at their disposal. For a long time, the industrial giant was Liebherr, but after the annual exhibition in China, this title was transferred to another company. But first thing’s first.

Models rating: biggest mobile crane in the world

The rating of the most powerful and biggest mobile cranes in the world.

As it was said earlier, truck cranes with carrying capacity exceeding one ton are produced by only a few large enterprises. Now they made a rating of large equipment, which has different technical indicators and dimensions.

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At the top of the list of largest mobile cranes in the world, in the first place, is the ZCLB01 Zoomlion truck crane, which is the largest truck crane in the world at the moment, with a payload capacity of two thousand tons.

The second world’s biggest mobile crane place is occupied by another Chinese firm XCMG and its mobile crane XCA5000. The carrying capacity of this truck crane is 1,600 tons, which is also very high indicator. The main distinguishing feature of this crane is its ability to move sideways.

Another child of this Chinese company is the QAY 1200 model. This crane has similar characteristics to the German crane from Liebherr, primarily because these companies have a fairly close cooperation.

The next in the list of truck cranes, which occupies the third line in the ranking, is Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. This model from the German concern for a long time held a leading position among similar size cranes. The carrying capacity of this model is about 1,200 tons, which is less than that of Chinese manufacturers. When working with large-sized loads, a special counterweight of 200,000 kg is installed. To manage this machine, only five people are used: two drivers, two operators and an engineer responsible for the technical condition.