Innovations in the world of low loader services

The volumes and routes of low loader services around the world are constantly increasing, as the range of construction projects is expanding. We must add to this that now it is economically expedient to transport fully assembled and undivided cargo.

Nooteboom launches a shunting trailer

top view photography of four heavy equipment on quarry at daytime

The Dutch manufacturer of heavy trailers and semi-trailers Nooteboom Company presented a new generation of semi-low-axle multi-axle platforms Manoovr multi-PL for the transportation of super-heavy loads. The main advantage of the novelty is high maneuverability. This is achieved through a new node with pendulum axles with independent hydraulic suspension, which allows vertical movement of the platform within 500 mm.

New trucks

The Dutch manufacturer of semi-trailers is preparing to produce a new range of semi-trailers for non-standard shipments, which allow transporting up to 12 tons of cargo per axle.

Manoovr, a new semi-trailer from Nooteboom

Nooteboom semi-trailer manufacturer will soon launch a new innovative semitrailer concept for non-standard transport to the European market. The innovative technology, called Manoovr, is patented in Holland, and connects a platform 780 mm high with a new suspension, stable as a stone crusher steering, and allowing 12 tons of weight per axle.

New dimensions for unusual traffic

Released on the occasion of the next RAI exhibition to be held in Amsterdam from October 20 to 24, 2015, this new semi-trailer equipped with an independent suspension will, according to the manufacturers, “be better than any other semi-trailer on the market” and will “set new standards in the world.”

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Low operating costs

The new Manoovr semi-trailers, which are available in from 3 to 10 axle configurations, include a suspension with 500 mm and a swivel angle of up to 70 degrees. Remaining completely flat regardless of height, these new models also guarantee a long useful life and low costs. Since Nooteboom is associated with the high value of semi-trailer purchases, many customers have already invested in this trailer, even before its sale.