CES announced the launch of material handling and transport system with the capacity over 50t

The CES Group has made a big step in the development and expansion of their services by creating material handling and transport system of a new generation. The equipment is promised to be:

  • reliable
  • highly effective
  • high-capacity.

The additional advantage of the machines is the opportunity to lift/move the cargoes without stabilizers.

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The company has applied its own facilities to design and produce the first Reach Stacker in the world. The new product will have several variations of wheelbase and side-mounted technology units. Thus, they have produced several machines in one, allowing the operators selecting the required length and lifting capacity. The vehicles are able to:

  • lift the cargoes
  • move the heavy loads.

The series of innovative material handling and transportation system

According to the manufacturer, there are three different series of the equipment with about seven types of wheelbases. Consider the available variations and their application:

Series 1: it is called Standard and refers to Type A-F. The largest possible load capacity for the machines totals 50 tonnes (under spreader). The variations’ difference lies in the counterweight and types of tires. This series is appropriate for containers and swap bodies handling.

Series 2: it is referred to Combi and includes G-H types. The load capacity for this variation of machines varies from 50 to 75 tonnes and from 60 to 90 tonnes under spreader and under hook correspondingly. The series can be applied both for containers handling and for the heavy load.

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Series 3: it is titled Heavy Duty and includes J-L types. The load capacity reaches 125-250 tonnes, which makes the series appropriate for the handling of the heavy cargoes. It is useful, for instance, for the mono-piles of the wind industry (wind tower components lifting and transportation).

The third series also includes M type with the capacity of 500 t.

One of the Reach Stackers from the Heavy Duty series has already been delivered by CES to several offshore wind towers monopolies (CS Wind). The load capacity of those machines amounted to 150 tonnes.

The innovation opens great opportunities for the CES Group, which are:

  • expansion in the global market
  • widening of the services list
  • the raising of effectiveness.

Their Versatile Reach Stacker is the first and the only one in the world with such great capacity.

CES Group: general information


The company has been created in order to develop the container handling equipment and solutions for different industries. They cooperate with the partners all over the world:

  • Africa (the UAE, Algeria, Morocco, etc.)
  • Europe (France, GB, Greece, etc.)
  • Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia).

The large network of dealers allows finding the best equipment required by the customers.

The firm’s specialists apply their modular design to create the right solutions for their customers.

The company works with various industries, such as:

  • gas and oil
  • steel
  • ports and terminals
  • off- and on-shore (wind towers).

They also offer the technical support and maintenance of the machines.

Being an expert in the container and heavy-duty handling, they preserve the leading position in this sphere.

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The development of a Versatile Reach Stacker is another step for the growth of the company and its expansion.