State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Primorye Hampers Transports

cargo vessel on body of water

Starting from May this year, the roads of Primorsky Krai are actually closed for legal traffic of vehicles transporting heavy-weight and oversize cargoes. Since early May, the carriers cannot obtain special permits required by law. This information is mentioned in the letter of Inter-Regional Professional Transport Carriers’ Union.

The authors of the letter report that in compliance with the RF statutory regulations, they regularly apply to authorized bodies for special permits to transport heavy and outsized loads along the regional roads – branch of DalUprAvtodor and Primorsky Krai Public Road System Department.
According to transport workers, pursuant to item 41 of the Procedure of issuing such special permits approved by Order No. 258 of the RF Ministry of Transport dated July 24, 2012, a special permit is issued within 15 workdays, considering timeframe for approval by GIBDD Regional Directorate (Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia).

“Authorized bodies notify us in writing about suspension of formalization of special permits for the reason of missing approval of GIBDD in due course,” report the authors of the letter.

Referring to conditions of the mentioned Order of the Ministry of Transport, motor transport workers of Primorsky Krai note that approval of the route for a vehicle carrying heavy-weight and oversize cargoes shall be made by GIBDD within four workdays from the day of registration of an application received from an authorized body.

As stated by the authors, about 20 carriers applied to Primorsky Krai GIBDD Directorate requesting for clarification of this situation but haven’t received any replies yet.

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The transport workers inform that this state of business prevents them from carrying out oversize transports in full and inflicts major losses due to failure to comply with contract relations with their clients.