The trailers became better with Interdolly between the gooseneck and load floor

EURO low-loaders created by the Nooteboom company will become much more effective and flexible with the improved distribution of the weight and load capacity. The positive moments are achieved by means of a combination of the vehicles with Interdolly. The addition can be equipped at the front (between the load floor and gooseneck of the trailer).

The new dolly has the hooks at the front & rear. Thus, the processes of coupling/uncoupling are always fast and easy. As a result, the trailers can be adapted to any demands of the customers. What’s more, the vehicles can be applied as semi low-loaders, as dolly can be fitted straight to the rear axle assembly.

Consider the characteristics of the new addition:

  • kind of axles: pendle
  • number of axles: 1-3
  • MAX steering angle: 70°
  • variation of suspension: hydro-pneumatic
  • suspension stroke: 60 cm
  • the distance between the axles: 1,360 mm/1,510 mm.

Let’s observe the standard package of Interdolly. It includes:

  • lashing eyes
  • safety valve (located on each axle)
  • stake pockets.

There is also a non-detachable variation of Interdolly. It is able to reduce the length of the trailers and their dead weight.

The addition manufactured by Nooteboom became revolutionary. It will definitely add to the development of the abnormal transport industry.

Nooteboom: the information about the company

Nooteboom is a famous manufacturer of the transporters for the heavy-duty and over-dimensional loads. The firm produces innovative vehicles, which are maneuverable, comfortable, easy to operate, and reliable. The history of the company started many years ago. Since its foundation, it has been working on the development of the most effective solutions for the transportations. Such striving for the innovations made Nooteboom the leaders of the European market. The company also has the wonderful reputation outside Europe.

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Among the products of the firm, there are:

  • tractors
  • drawbar trailers
  • semi low-loaders
  • cranes, etc.

Nooteboom supports their vehicles keeping improving them every year.