The most interesting issues in the logistics in Breakbulk magazine

white trailer truck on roadBreakbulk transport magazine 2018: topics and issues observed

The largest freight magazine offers a wide variety of topics in 2018. It discusses lots of significant issues, which are vital for the development of the sphere. It also shows the innovations and achievements of different companies working in the industry. Consider a few topics, which are presented in this popular transport industry magazine in 2018:

white trailer truck on road


  • Cyber threat and the high-value transport: cybercrimes become more and more important issue with the development of HVV. It is vital to decrease the risks of security breaches and shift to the digital future. The risks seem elusive; however, the cyber security system must be created in the majority of vehicles used.
  • The transformation of air cargo freight: air transport is one of the topics of the magazine. There is a great problem with the prices because of their volatility. It is a great issue for sellers and buyers of airfreight. If the situation is not changed, the same might happen to forwarders, shippers, and carriers. It will also be intensified by the growing volumes.
  • Insurance gaps: project cargo sector keeps growing. To successfully provide such services, it is required to organize a good communication between the clients and contractors as well as insurers and logistics team. What’s more, it is necessary to provide an appropriate risk management during the whole project.
  • Legal disputes in China: there are key principles of business protection. The first thing required is clear and balanced contracts. Negotiation and customer-market relations are also necessary. Before signing a contract, read the primary terms and conditions. Make sure that they reflect the realities and are able to provide effective solutions in the case of disputes.
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Other issues of 2018 edition can be found on the website.

Breakbulk magazine: general information

The Breakbulk magazine is one of the most important magazines for the whole logistics sphere. It touches the most significant topics and discovers the innovations of the industry. The editions are issued every month. There are also plenty of photos from the contests and events organized for the representatives of the transportation field. What’s more, it is a nice chance to make any company more known for the customers and colleagues. All the editions of the magazine are always available on the website.