International cooperation of Sarens

The largest supply in the history of the TII Group: Sarens ordered equipment for the Tengizchevroil projects.

Sarens, the world leader in the rental of crane equipment, transportation, and lifting of extra-heavy oversized cargo, has made a purchase of the KAMAG engines worth 63 million Euros for the transportation and installation of structures, as well as heavyweight oversized equipment for $36.8 million for Tengizchevroil projects.

Pairing power plants can be divided for use in other tasks.white and red cargo truck on road near body of water during daytime



If to talk about the equipment, there are self-propelled KAMAG K25 modules that have a capacity of 1,060 hp, as well as KAMAG K24 modules with which the fleet with self-propelling systems has grown to more than 2,000 axial lines built by the TII Group. Thanks to the newly acquired technique, Sarens won a tender for work for TCO in Kazakhstan.

Dimensions comparison

Comparison of the dimensions of the A380 Airbus with the self-propelled vehicle configured for the TCO project. Two scale combinations make the basis of all operations. Ninety-two center lines are driven by 4 Power Packs that have a capacity of 1,060 hp each. The other 92 axle lines are powered by four 530-horsepower Power Pack. The coupled power plants will provide the necessary power for carrying out transport tasks. In the future, they can be disconnected and used for other transport tasks.

The result of cooperation

The freshness of the technical solution supplied by Sarens is in the configuration of the power unit. A two-storey power plant was used as a kind of a spark. In addition, the modules can be docked in two lines and connected into a single system of four-power units. Accordingly, a tool is needed to connect all the hydraulic circuits. As for the management of a large number of power blocks and a large number of axles, this is not a problem. These kinds of issues have been solved for a long time: the distance between the modules is 1,000 m.

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The situation is developing a both political and economical. The company looks into the future with confidence, having a fairly serious portfolio of projects, which they plan tend to implement in 2017. Please note that every year, despite the crisis, sanctions and other troubles, customers choose Sarens technology thanks to its legendary reliability, the highest quality and cutting-edge technologies.