Itella Took on the Oversize

pile of pallet

By the end of this year, Itella is planning to transport 15 oversize loads. This quantity is five times more than that in 2012, when three outsized cargoes were carried. Moreover, only one similar transport took place in 2011.

In early June, international logistics operator Itella executed a large-scale project to ship 12 oversized cargoes for LG Electronics. The pressure machine was taken from Pusan Port (Korea) through the Port of St. Petersburg to a village of Dorokhovo (Moscow Oblast). Itella is now working to conclude a contract with a new client in the Far East. Starting from October this year, it is targeted to commence transportation of excavators, dozers and various wheel-mounted loaders from Europe (Austria, Germany) to the Far East.

“We started to carry oversized loads a year and a half ago. The first completed transport was a drill rig delivered for the exhibition in Crocus-Expo. This unit had to be taken to the exhibition site by the date specified by the client which is always challenging for a forwarding company. Since then, we have proceeded to active development of this line with new requests from our clients put into life,” says Aleksei Podchufarov, Itella’s Head of Intermodal Transport.

The principal route for bulky machinery transport projects is from Europe to Moscow. This year, Itella already arranged several trips from Europe to Ukraine. They also organize reloading of oversized freight in St. Petersburg Port and delivery to the final destination points all over Russia. All the outsized transports are intermodal, involving several modes of transportation.

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