Blue Water company successfully shipped 6 refrigerated trucks in spring of 2017

Iveco is a leading manufacturer of the vehicles for the industrial purposes. The corporation was founded in 1975. The first series of machinery was Iveco Daily. Such Iveco trucks could carry from 2.9 to 4.9 tonnes. The plants of the company are located in various parts of the world including:

  • Europe
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Asia
  • Africa.

The total output of the company all over the globe reaches 150,000 commercial vehicles, while the turnover amounts to about €10,000,000,000.


blue and white truck on road during daytimeThe manufacturer has received many awards, such as “Truck of the Year”. The products are extremely reliable and effective. They are often used for the defense, different military purposes, and off-road transportations of the cargoes.

The collection of trucks includes:

  • light (2.8-7 tonnes)
  • medium (7-19 tonnes)
  • heavy vehicles (19-72 tonnes).

Blue Water company

Blue Water is a leading firm in the sphere of logistics, which is situated in the south of Denmark (on the west coast of the Jutland peninsula in the seaport town of Esbjerg). They offer various transportation services all over the world. The available services are:

  • reefer logistics
  • general cargoes transportation
  • oil and gas projects
  • marine shipping
  • wind logistics.

The facilities of the company include:

  • road vehicles
  • freighters
  • ships.

The staff of the firm consists of the specialists in insurance, warehousing, customs, coordination, chartering, etc.

Blue Water cooperates with the government and defense sector participating in the humanitarian missions in the disaster areas. The company is internationally known. Thanks to their reliability, lots of clients all over the world apply to its services in order to obtain safe and efficient delivery. Working for over 40 years, they have opened more than 60 offices in 26 world states.

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If you want to know more about the firm and the development of the industry, the subscription for the Blue Water sailing magazine is available.

Blue Water delivers the trucks by Iveco


According to the received information, Blue Water transported the refrigerated trucks created by Iveco in the spring of 2017. There were six vehicles in total. The route laid from China to Mozambique. In order to avoid any troubles with the shipping, the firm applied the multipurpose vessel. The ship was to reach the port in Beira (Mozambique). There were certain problems while the vessel was crossing the rivers of South Africa, such as Limpopo, Save, Zambezi, and Pungwe because of the rainy weather conditions of the season. However, as the head of the aid and relief team of the firm claimed, the agent from Africa helped overcome the difficulties.

As soon as the mentioned trucks arrived in Beira, they were put into the special low-bed trailers for the further land transportation. The journey was 1,000 kilometers long and directed to the United Nations site.

The partners of Blue Water in the port of Beira were responsible for:

  • monitoring of the reloading
  • transit clearing
  • the hiring of the cranes for the lifting operations
  • documentation.

The six Iveco trucks were successfully delivered from China to the destination in Mozambique thanks to the professionalism of both sides of the transportation and the application of the modern equipment.