Jacking equipment and the principle of its operation: find out more

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The jack is very effective for use, as it is simple, reliable and convenient to use. There are several varieties of heavy lift equipment. Jacking equipment has a fairly simple design in a variety of lifting mechanisms. It is a perforated metal strip (the length can vary), handles, a thrust pad. The platform of the mechanism of the jacking system is located low from the ground, which is convenient enough for installation under the object.

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The jack can work like a winch in the longitudinal position. With the help of built-in gears in a jack, different weights are distributed.


The lifting takes place due to the operation of the ratchet mechanism, which moves along the metal rail. With the help of the lever, the jack body moves where the stops are located, and the load moves along the perforated rail. When at the beginning of the movement the lever is strictly parallel to the rail, the load falls on a large area. When the lever is lowered, the connecting rod rests against a small platform, the load falls on the upper stop until it snaps the hole in the rail. Then the handle rises back and the lower stop moves exactly one hole. This amounts to one lifting cycle.

When lowering, everything is done in the reverse order.

Rack jack structure

Rack jack arrangement:

  • upper staples
  • bolt staples
  • planks with holes
  • the switch
  • the lock
  • switch bolt
  • the lever
  • the thrust
  • bucket axles
  • the connecting rod
  • bolt with a nut
  • lifting platform with a “beak”
  • springs
  • returnable rails
  • finger cross
  • finger lifting
  • springs of a finger lifting
  • playgrounds
  • a bolt of the connecting rod
  • heels with the cotter pin.
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It is simple in work, works with large loads. Powerful, high efficiency. High rise.

If to talk about minuses, it’s impossible not to mention large sizes. The length of the rail may be several meters. It is quite labor-consuming to transport such a jack.