Meet Jeepdolly for the better load capacity and weight distribution

Nooteboom continues its striving for the innovations and constant development. Jeepdolly is created in order to improve the characteristics of the trailers making them more comfortable to operate, functional, and maneuverable. The new dolly should be fitted at the front (the place between the tractor and gooseneck).

The biggest advantages of the usage of such addition are:

  • better load capacity
  • optimized distribution of the weight.

The other positive moment about the innovation is its simplicity. It is very easy to use. Besides, the maintenance costs are also quite reasonable.


The dolly is free-turning. Combined with the steered rear axles and little tire wear, it provides the impressive maneuverability.

yellow and white containersConsider the key characteristics of the addition:

  • the number of axles: 1/2
  • kind of suspension: air/hydro-pneumatic
  • possible axle load: 12/14 tonnes/axle (at 80 km/h).
  • This dolly’s applicable with 6×4, 8×4, and 10×4 tractors.

The standard variations of Jeepdollies are detachable and coupled with the parking legs. Thus, the gooseneck can be added to the tractor without it.

Jeepdolly’s a great achievement and a step forward for the trailers of our generation.

Eurotrailers: general information

The vehicles under discussion are low-loaders, which are equipped with different number of hydraulically steered axles. Such vehicles take the leading position in the abnormal transportations sphere. The possible features of the machinery include:

  • the number of axles: 2-9
  • payload: 150 (or less) tonnes.

The machinery can be applied in a combination with different goosenecks/load floor varieties.

Various types of dollies can add to their load capacity/distribution of the weight.

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The Nooteboom company: general data

Nooteboom’s a leader of the European market. The firm has a wonderful reputation and produces the vehicles for the firms from different parts of the world. They are aimed at creating innovative solutions for the abnormal transport industry. The application of advanced technologies and methods allows Nooteboom manufacturing the top-quality products.