Jeremy Oguin became one of the speakers during the Break bulk conference in 2017

The Break bulk event is always attended by the outstanding companies and people. The year of 2017 was not an exception. There were plenty of interesting subjects observed during the event.

Jeremy Oguin was one of the participants, who took part in the conference session. His micro-seminar has concerned the laws and regulations compliance, which is one of the greatest complications for the logistics companies in North America.

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This man has really great experience in the field of trade compliance, which totals more than 15 years. He has taken various positions during his life:

  • a Traffic Manager
  • a Licensing Officer
  • Americas Export Compliance Officer
  • Regional Trade Compliance Manager.

He has managed to get lots of export licenses from the Department of Commerce and State Department for missile technology, which controls dual-use items.

O’Guin is also a member of ICPA. Because of his participation in different investigations, he is recognized by Department of Commerce’s Office of Export Enforcement.

Today Jeremy works as a Regional Trade Compliance Manager for the Bertling Logistics Group. His career in the company started in 2012.

What was the largest privately owned company in the world in 1865?

The company Jeremy O’Guin works for is a private firm, which was established in 1865. Bertling Logistics is one of the biggest private companies with over 90 offices all over the globe, which cooperates with the companies from over 200 countries. They work in the following directions:

  • oil and gas
  • project and general forwarding (both by air and sea)
  • mining resupply logistics
  • truck brokerage
  • supply chain management.
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The Bertling Logistics Company creates effective solutions using innovations and integrating IT.

The fleet of the firm consists of 35,000, 50,000, and 82,000 dwt bulk carriers and the ordinary ships. The equipment is managed by the technical experts.