Jim Brittain and his contribution to Fluor’s projects development

J. Brittain: a legendary problem solver

Jim Brittain is a President of the American Energy and Chemicals department of Fluor Corporation. His office is located in Texas, where he devotes himself to the work. This man has participated in many challenging situations driving the development of the company and the industries.

As he claims, he feels a real member of a big team, where everyone keeps striving for the growth and development. It is the key reason, why the company is so respected in the EPC sphere. Besides, he also says that Fluor works for the constant professional development of the staff within the company offering various assignments. They can improve their skills and even obtain the new ones. Brittain is sure that, thus, all the craft employees and other workers feel a part of a team. The president himself is a product of such a culture.

Fluor strategy

The main direction of the company for today is life-cycle solutions. The workers are motivated to create innovative solutions, which are outside the box, to meet the requirements of the customers. As a result, looking for the best supply chain and engineering solutions the clients select Fluor INC. The corporation is able to provide:

  • maintenance services
  • lower capital intensity
  • innovations
  • cost predictability
  • experienced team.

The customers in their turn can invest in the projects, which have an economic sense for them at the same pace as before.

As for the achievements of the company, the president mentioned the amounts saved on the project compared to the initial estimations of various companies. Fluor helped save over 30% for Shell Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project and almost 60% in the Gulf Region on piping spool fabrication. As a result, the company was even awarded by Fiatech for their innovative work.

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Fluor works with different industries, such as:

  • oil and gas (storage and production)
  • renewables
  • chemical industry, etc.

As for the renewable sector, Fluor became an expert in it in 1981. That year, they completed the first power station located in Carisa Plains, California. The most recent achievements were 170-megawatt Centinela Solar Energy Project and the 125-megawatt Arlington Valley Solar Energy Project. Both are still maintained by Fluor.

The company keeps developing. They are aimed at reaching schedule certainty, capital efficiency, and quality certainty.