Kaliningrad: a Russian city with European history

Peculiar and breathtaking location of Kaliningrad

Originally named Königsberg, Kaliningrad is the capital of the westernmost part of Russia, separated from the rest of the country by Latvia and Lithuania. Due to its location near the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad has magnificent landscapes. It is interesting for the tourists because of the architecture of an old city that holds more than 700 years of Prussian history, beautiful towns situated near the sea, and the Curonian spit – a small area that stands among several European sand dunes and wild beaches. Moreover, you can enjoy the picturesque harbors placed in the area’s dense woodlands.

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Kaliningrad has found its place between Poland and Lithuania that border it from the southern and northern sides respectively. Russia conquered the region in 1945 (originally it belonged to Germany), but during the Soviet time it was an unoccupied military territory. Big groups of Germans who were looking for their Motherland immigrated to Kaliningrad and established there an atmosphere of an old European city. Classical buildings, plenty of amber souvenir stores and the birthplace of the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant – all of these are the prominent points of Kaliningrad.


Kaliningrad sights

A famous Bunker Museum holds the history of German’s reign in Kaliningrad along with the times of Russian “emancipation” of the city and a few halls devoted to the World War II period. Another interesting museum is called the Museum of the World Ocean and its collection has different navy constructions and two galleries for international exhibitions. The main square, Victory Square, is a home to lots of governmental buildings, banks and local stores. Kaliningrad wouldn’t disappoint any foodie, as it has collected the best recipes from both German and Russian cuisines. At the Fishing Village, you can enjoy the highest quality freshly caught seafood, prepared right on the spot.

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Visit Kuronian Spit for breathtaking views

When in Kaliningrad, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the Kuronian Spit. Situated between the Baltic Sea and the Kuronian Lagoon, this unique land strip includes astonishing sand dunes and the wild coastline.  Its length is about 100 km, and the width can vary from 400 meters to 4 kilometers. Moreover, this region is on the list of UNESCO-protected objects and is a home to an amazing pine woodland. During autumn and spring nature lovers can observe various kinds of birds’ migration. Also, the first ornithological station in the world is situated here, in the village Rybachi.

Immanuel Kant ones said: “What can I know, what ought I to do, what can I hope for”. The sense of the quotation will become clear to everyone who ones comes to Kaliningrad, because this city is truly a gorgeous gem in the crown of Russia.


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