To Khabarovsk with Chinese Regards

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The unique and sophisticated logistics project, preparation for which had lasted about one year, is finally completed. Transit-DV Group experts arranged a successful delivery of a vacuum distillation unit from Chinese river Port Zhangjiagang, located north to Shanghai Port, to the Russian Port of Khabarovsk.

The column С-1801 (weight 240 tons, length 35 meters, diameter – 8 meters) was manufactured in China against the order of OOO Irtek for modernization of Khabarovsk Refinery (Alliance Oil Company). It was not only substandard cargo dimensions that were challenging in this operation, but also limited navigation period on the Amur River. It was also required to find a suitable vessel capable of carrying this kind of load considering such difficulties as passing under the Amur’s bridges and small navigable depth of the river itself during cargo shipment. Motor vessel “Omsky-121” (Amur River Shipping Company) was chartered to deliver the vacuum distillation unit. Load-out of the unit happened in the Port of Zhangjiang on October 9. A special securing method was developed to load the cargo with manufacturing of a special-design platform on which the column rested throughout sea shipment.

The m/v with the VDU on board travelled through the Chinese Yangtze River, across the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan, through the Tatar Strait and then along the Amur to Khabarovsk Port without any transshipments. The shipment took place in a timely manner as planned, without any hiccups. Floating crane “Black Dragon” with the lifting capacity of 500 tons was rented to unload the cargo from the ship in China. The column was unloaded from the ship directly onto self-propelled axle lines (SPMT).

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The second stage was transportation from the port area to Khabarovsk Refinery installation site. The transport route with overall extension of 4.5 km mainly passed through the city where all works and activities had been carried out in advance to provide for unobstructed travel of a laden combination to its destination.

The haulage took place at night time. For the citizens of Khabarovsk this transport turned out a rather spectacular event which aroused a live interest of the locals who were leaving their homes at night and making videos using their cell phones.

The transport was ongoing all night long, and by morning the load successfully reached the plant area and was installed on metal stools awaiting the third and final stage – installation into vertical position.

A vacuum column is designed for vacuum distillation of fuel oil – residue of atmospheric oil distillation with further generation of diesel fuel, vacuum gas oil and vacuum residue. Just so, the vacuum column delivered to site is an intermediate link in the process flow design which will ensure increase of oil refining efficiency.