The Kindergarten Arrived in Parts

As part of the federal target program and regional investment program, Project Cargo company executed an integrated transport of the modular kindergarten to the city of Svetly (Kaliningrad Oblast). Transportation of 52 oversize block modules was effected in the period from November 2012 till January 2013 along the route: Poland – Russia, Kaliningrad Oblast, Svetly.

Most of the modules had the following dimensions: 12,150*3,150*4,150 mm, weight of each unit was 24 tons.

Project Cargo managed to successfully complete this uneasy logistics task, placing 3-5 extra low bed platforms under loading at a time, ensuring safe passage under all the bridges and flyovers in Kaliningrad Oblast. Accessories in twelve Euro Trailers were also delivered with success and on schedule.

The two-storey kindergarten in Svetly is one of the first in Russia to be built using the module technology. This construction method provides lower cost of the kindergarten with a high speed of its erection and excellent quality.

So far, this is know-how for Kaliningrad Oblast and Russia in general. In Europe, modular units were tried long ago, also for strength and safety. Assembly of the modular kindergarten really resembles that of construction set for children, both in principle and speed. The very first module kindergarten in Russia appeared in Vologda Oblast.

130 kids will go to the new kindergarten in Svetly any time soon. Two long-expected nurseries will also open here. Service life of module buildings is 50 years. If necessary, they can be disassembled, rearranged and even moved.

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