Korean equipment for Uzbekistan

In January this year, the specialists of Instar Projects have completed the project on transportation of HRSG modules and transformers for the modernization of thermal power station in Tashkent and Talimardjan (Uzbekistan) from Korea and Vietnam through Russia and Kazakhstan.

It is not the first time for Instar Projects to realize projects on transportation of oversized cargos in the CIS countries and Central Asia. For performance of transportation for Tashkent and Talimardjan TPS it took 4 months. There were transported about 4,000 tons of cargos, most part of which was off-gauge items. The most difficult place was the transformer weighing 286 tons.

white tent on green grass field during sunsetFor the implementation of such complex international transportation, it is needed to consider the transport strategy from the beginning to the end, to take into account weather conditions and load of transport hubs. Transport strategy, as well as loading and unloading operations, schemes of lashing and stowage of the cargos have been fully developed by engineering department of Instar Projects.

Off-gauge cargo has been consolidated in the port of Masan (South Korea), Haiphong and Changwon (Vietnam), and then was shipped to the port of Novorossiysk city with the help of crane ships Hansa Heavy Lift and Liberia Ocean Pride. This operation took six weeks. Originally it was planned to deliver cargo to the port of Constanta (Romania), but in the end the choice was made in favor of Novorossiysk for the following reasons: the presence of company’s own office in this city, which greatly facilitate the coordination of the project, as well as proximity to the Volga-Don channel, through which cargo was delivered to Kazakhstan.

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In Novorossiysk cargo was loaded on five ships type sea-river and sent to Kazakhstan to the port of Aktau, where situated the office of Instar Projects, and the port of Kuryk. Aktau and Kuryk is located 70 km away from each other. Way to Kazakhstan took 12 days and lay through the Black Sea, Sea of Azov, the Volga-Don channel and the Caspian Sea.

In Kazakhstan, the equipment was loaded on its own transport of Instar Projects Company, consisting of Goldhofer modular axes and Mercedes trucks, and delivered to jobsites in Tashkent and Talimardjan consisting of 13 convoys. Distance to destination was 1872 km. Presence of its own transport gives significant advantages in cargo delivery especially at such a long distance.

One of the disadvantages of the transport infrastructure in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is the poor state of the roads, especially for transportation of heavy and off-gauge cargos. There was a difficult task for Engineering Department of Instar Projects Company such as completion of transport infrastructure, without which it would be impossible to transport the cargo. The company’s specialists managed this task brilliantly: 15 bridges were reinforced, two additional kilometers of roads were built and more than 60 kilometers of pavement were updated.