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About company: Dachser GMBH & co kg

Logistics company DACHSER moved to a new “A +” class warehouse complex located in the rural settlement of Gabovskoye, Dmitrovsky District, Moscow region, Russia.

The warehouse is located just 5 kilometers from the A-107 highway, which has significantly reduced the time of delivery of goods to Moscow and the region. The warehouse has 14 loading gates, which minimizes vehicle downtime. External and internal parking allow drivers to comfortably expect loading or unloading.

The storage capacity of the 11,000 m² storage area is more than 18,000 euro pallets, and the two-level mezzanine storage area of 1,000 m² is made of 3,600 cells 130×60 cm each. The administrative building with an area of more than 900 m² made it possible not only to significantly increase office space but also to equip comfortable rooms for warehouse personnel: changing rooms, showers, and a dining room.

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Warehouse complex is equipped with a corporate warehouse management system WMS Mikado and Dachser intelligent logistics, which optimizes the entire process of working with goods. When selecting goods from storage sites, the system automatically calculates the remainder of the goods, which is essentially the equivalent of a constant inventory, which allows maintaining selection accuracy at the level of 99.95%.

Control system of the Dachser transport

WMS Mikado is an intelligent system that optimizes the formation of the order, taking into account the weight and dimensions of the cargo. Thus, heavy and bulky goods are placed on the lower levels of the pallet or box, and lighter and less voluminous goods are placed on the upper ones. This allows to reduce the time for placing orders and significantly reduce the assembly area. The order is formed immediately on a pallet or in a box, so additional space for its configuration is not required.

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The warehouse is designed and equipped for a wide range of services, ranging from the classic responsible storage of general cargo and ending with the ability to store expensive small-sized goods on a specially equipped platform on the mezzanine.

The warehouse is constantly working to improve the quality and speed of service. For each client, a regular ABC analysis is carried out, on the basis of which high-speed articles move closer to the shipment zone, which reduces idling technology and living labor, significantly reducing the time of order assembly.

Great attention is paid to training and raising the level of development of professional qualities of staff. The warehouse complex is equipped with a computer class laboratory, which is designed to train new employees and improve the skills of existing employees.