The largest air cargo hubs are now linked thanks to American Airlines

American Airlines freight: see renewed AA air cargo strategy

American Airlines made a decision to expand their options by adding a new cargo route from LAX to Hong-Kong. The latest are the most significant cargo hubs all over the globe. Such a decision can create more opportunities for mutual trading and development.

The key purpose of the added cargo airway from the JFK Airport created by American Airlines is to send the fresh goods and other products to Hong-Kong and bring electronics, various mechanical parts, and garments to America by air. Such method of transportation is the fastest. To fulfill cargo customer services, American Airlines plans to use the most appropriate aircraft called Boeing 777-300.

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It isn’t the only direct flight to Asia, which is now offered by American Airlines. For years, they have been trying to build a large network for cooperation with Asia and Pacific region in general. American Airlines also organized airfreights to Tokyo and Auckland.

There is a strong demand for American Airways VIP cargo services not only inside the USA but also in Latin American countries. Today there are American Airlines cargo flights to Orlando (ORD), Seattle, Honolulu, Houston, Miami (FL), Philadelphia, Atlanta, Waybill, Dallas, Puerto Rico, etc.

American Airlines: contact number and general information

The first flight by American Airlines happened in 1926 from St. Louis to Chicago. The company has been developing throughout the history offering flights from Los Angeles and other big cities. In the 1980s, the company started expanding to Latin America. In the 2010s, the American Airlines Group was formed.

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American Airlines is a company, which is famous for its responsibility and reliability. They offer safe, friendly, and dependable freight by air. The number of customers proves their wonderful reputation. Their cargo transportation activity keeps growing. Today they transport over 45,000 tonnes of loads every week delivering them to the major cities of Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, Mexico, European countries, etc. They always continue their development by offering more services and opportunities to the clients. With the help of AA’s specialists, the clients can properly plan their shipment. The full map of the company’s network with all the possible destinations as well as the American Airlines’ phone number is available on the official website.