Meet the leader in own field – the largest dump truck in the world as of 2015

BelAZ-75710 is the largest truck of the planet and the flagship of the world’s career flotilla is already listed in the Guinness Book of Records. The giant was introduced a year ago, then it was tested, and in August of this year, it began to haul coal in the Kuzbass – in the giant career of Chernigovets.

The first show of BelAZ-75710 took place in Zhodino one year ago. In August 2014, the dump truck started working in the Kuzbass.

The biggest car in the world is BelAZ-75710. Its carrying capacity is 450 tons. Produced by JSC “BelAZ”, Zhodino (Belarus). It is used in Russia since August 2014.

All that you can learn about this design is impressive enough. For example, this model has a huge weight and a lot of horsepowers, which the car receives from diesel engines. The gas tank can accommodate more than 5,600 liters, and additionally about 2,500 liters for auxiliary liquids.

Construction collection

white and brown rv trailer

It is not easy to assemble a quarry dump truck. It is necessary to find a compromise between all the parameters of an unusual machine. The base, width, height, aggregates and components, geometric features of the quarry – are only at the beginning of a long list. Belarusian designers do have the impressive experience and skills!

The workplace of the BelAZ-75710 driver is simpler than in the Mercedes S-Class. The cabin is equipped with adjustments, climate control, and a good audio system.

The first thing that giant developers started from – tires. Additional characteristics will tell you about other features of the model. For example, the car has eight special fastening cables, each weighing more than 5.5 tons!

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BelAZ assembly

The engineers selected the control scheme for this mastodon as a double-sided front bumper, as the traditional scheme with the front pivoting wheels was not suitable. There were only two options: articulated frame and swivel bridges. In the first case, the articulated frame would have to experience infernal loads and the hinge would have grown to an incredible size. That’s why they began to work with the second scheme, swivel bridges.

In developed quarries, there are dimensional constraints, tied to the width of technological roads. Since BelAZ-75710 had to drive along roads, sharpened for “compact” 360-, 320- and 220-ton dump trucks, the customer’s requirements to the turning radius were very strict.

Developers call the scheme with swivel bridges as “the excavator upside down.” In the excavator, the chassis is motionless and the body rotates. While in BelAZ, the body remains motionless but the bridges located under the frame rotate.


In 2005, when they mastered the production of tires with a size of 55/80R63, a 320-ton BelAZ-75600 appeared on six such wheels.

As soon as the tires increased in outcome of the production, bringing the tire size to 59/80R63, the 320-tonne became 360-tonne. This happened in 2010. BelAZ-75710 (450-ton) is based on the same latest tires. Such wheels are produced only by Michelin and Bridgestone.

Pro: the lowest cost of transporting a ton of rock.

Con: the number of quarries that can take a dumper of such dimensions can be counted on one hand’s fingers.