Meet up with the largest ships of the ACL VIP series

The heading “Steep Ships” continues to be replenished with the most original, in the opinion of the editorial board, ship designs and today we represent the world’s largest combined multi-purpose vessel ON ACL shipping Pompano Beach.

In the shipping industry, as well as in other areas, one often has to move away from typical projects and resort to original solutions. So, there were marine vessels, which include several functions.

ACL VIP company: G4 Americas

white cruise ship

The ACL shipping schedule, owned by the Italian group Grimaldi Group, in 2015 began operating unusual ships – container car ConRo, type G4.

In general, Atlantic sail vessels are not as numerous as tankers or container carriers, but they are also in demand on certain transport routes. Already in the definition of the ACL shipping schedule, it is noticeable that they are both container carriers and road carriers. As for the G4 series, these ships are the largest in the world in this category.

So, the G4 series of the ACL shipping line is represented by five container rollers with various names. They were used at Grimaldi West Africa schedule. The newest combined ships are larger, faster, eco-friendlier and better than their predecessors Atlantic Cartier, Atlantic Companion, Atlantic Compass, Atlantic Concert, and Atlantic Conveyor built for Atlantic Container Line at the French shipyard Chantiers du Nord in Dunkirk in 1985.

Approach of the Atlantic sail vessel

The innovative approach in the development of the project allowed shipbuilders to significantly increase the capacity. As a result, the new G4 series ships can take on board up to 3,800 TEU containers, and a 28,900-square-meter car deck allows them to place up to 1307 cars at one go. All wheel and trailer technology is located on 6 decks inside the aft part of the hull, and the containers – in the bow of the hull and on the upper deck. Horizontal loading-unloading of motor transport is carried out by a tilting aft ramp. The opening became wider (7.4 m) than that of the G3 container chassis, which greatly simplified the loading and unloading of oversized cargo. Containers on board are placed in the cell guides, which allow the shipping company ACL to confidently transport them without a loss for 30 years already.

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All five new ships are built on the shipyard Hudong Zhonghua in Shanghai and transferred to the owner in 2015-2016. Now they successfully perform five weekly transatlantic flights, covering the ports of Europe (Liverpool, Antwerp, Hamburg, Gothenburg), the USA (Baltimore, Norfolk, New York), and Canada (Halifax).