Learn more about the latest novelty – the largest submarine in the US Navy Description

The newest nuclear submarine “USS Illinois” of US Navy officially put into operation, reports TASS. Its construction cost about 2.7 billion dollars and it is the largest submarine in the US Navy today.

The wife of the US ex-President Michelle Obama took part in the ceremony of introducing the submarine. She also participated in the submarine denunciation. You may take a look at the process watching the US Navy submarine video.

“This is the most advanced submarine in our Navy. It is able to perform any task – from search and rescue operations to scientific research.” Michelle Obama said.

The process took place on the territory of Connecticut, in a port called Groton. The submarine has been creating for five years. It received the serial number 786. This submarine is multifunctional. The Navy fleet has 12 more such pieces. The devices are designed to be able to cope with tasks against the enemy at any depth, as well as to carry out operations close to the shore.

The length of the submarine is 115 meters and can host up to 130 people. Tomahawk cruise missiles can be placed onboard.

The biggest submarines in the history

Quiet, almost silent, they lurk in the depths of the sea. They can spend many months underwater. However, they are strong enough to destroy a large part of the planet. Here are the biggest submarines in history.

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Submarines “Shark”, the Soviet Union, 48 thousand tons

The largest submarines ever built by a man are nuclear submarines of the “Shark” class (“Typhoon” according to NATO’s classification).

Their length was 175 meters, and the width was extremely large. Submarines of this class weigh twice as many following them in size. Typhoon submarines are known as Project 941 “Shark”. The project was developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 1980s. The first submarine in a series of six pieces was launched in 1980 and was adopted after a year. These sea monsters were not only huge but also much quieter in comparison with their predecessors. They were driven by two nuclear reactors. They had the ability to destroy much territory of the world. The arsenal of each included a frightening amount of ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. The crewmembers lived on submarines in relative comfort and could conduct under water for up to 120 consecutive days. In an emergency like nuclear war, this period could be increased significantly.

Submarines of Borey class, Russia, 24 thousand tons

The second-largest submarines in the world also belong to Russia, and they are much more modern than the vessels of the class “Shark”, which they came to replace. These 170-meter-long nuclear submarines are equipped with ballistic missiles of the P-30 Bulava type.