LASO purchased plenty of Nooteboom vehicles

LASO decided to strengthen their fleet by purchasing more vehicles made by Nooteboom. In 2015, they bought 6 Super Wing Carriers from the abnormal transport manufacturer. The key purpose of such purchase was the necessity to transport ultra-long rotor blades. Besides, LASO bought several extendible semi low-loaders with 4 axles.

During the first 6 months of 2015, LASO made great investments into the trailers developed by Nooteboom. The number of vehicles purchased was about 70, while the total price reached 9 million Euros. Among the acquisitions of LASO, there was Mercedes SLT to 250 Tons (the latest creation of Nooteboom).

parked vehicles

As the managing director of LASO Transportes SA claims, the features and possibilities of Nooteboom vehicles are invaluable for them in a good sense. They offer the best solutions for the windmill’s blades transportation. What’s more, the representatives of LASO are impressed by:

  • maneuverability
  • cost-efficiency
  • stability
  • flexibility.

As the firm assures, despite the huge dimensions, the machinery made by Nooteboom is able to transport their equipment in the most effective way to any required site. Another advantage of the vehicles is the ease of operation, which makes them comfortable for the drivers.

LASO: general information

LASO Transportes SA is a Portuguese company with headquarters in Malveira. Its primary direction is special transport with the specialization in windmill transport. The fleet of the firm is enormous. It includes over 850 vehicles, while LASO keeps purchasing the new ones every year. Among the fleet, there are more than 200 semi-trailers made by Nooteboom including:

  • simple 3-axle semi low-loaders
  • the advanced Super Wing Carriers
  • Mega Windmill Transporters, etc.
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It is supported by the fact that Nooteboom and LASO have been strongly connected for many years, as Nooteboom is a Royal Warrant Holder. They share one mission, which is to be the best in the road transportations in Portugal and outside providing the high performance and searching for the excellence of work.

For more information about LASO, visit their website (it is available in English).