Learn more about the last large crane accident in Italy – the crane overturned

Crane collapse in Italy: in Vernazza, an unpleasant accident occurred: the crane turned over under too much pull of load and collapsed alongside the railway tracks. Everything happened because of the imbalance.

The crane did not stand completely evenly vertically for a long time at the site of the dislocation, after which it finally lost its balance and fell, violating the integrity of the cargo. For more data, visit crane.accidents.com. There you can also watch heavy crane disaster videos.

Crane accident 2017, the procedure: large crane accident

Service maintenance, which is timely produced by qualified specialists, will allow not only to avoid accidents with large crawler cranes but also to reduce the cost of operating lifting equipment.

Now we will talk about what to do if the emergency situation has already taken place such as the mentioned crane incident.

If there are cracks in the metal structures of the crane topple, if the rope is damaged, the wheel axles and other elements break, if there are faults in the mechanisms (brakes, electrical equipment, etc.), in general, if there are dangerous factors in the crane mechanisms that can cause an accident, the person who manages the crane must perform the following actions to prevent another big crane accident:

  • stop the movement
  • give a warning sound signal
  • lower the load to the ground, floor, platform as quick as possible
  • find out the cause of the emergency.
  • Similar actions must be made when there is a crack, beating, knocking, crashing in the mechanisms during the operation.
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Fire hazard

In the event of a fire on the crane, the crane operator must:

  • immediately stop working
  • disconnect the main power switch
  • call the fire department
  • start extinguishing the fire, using available fire extinguishing remedies.

In natural disasters, such as hurricane, a crane operator should:

  • stop working
  • lower the cargo to the ground as quick as possible
  • leave the crane
  • go to a safe place.

If the crane is overturning by the wind, the crane operator must:

  • take measures to stop it – for example, use the opposition rotation or other measures recommended in the operating manual
  • disconnect the power supply
  • leave the crane.

If there is a threat of destruction of ceilings, walls of the building, destruction of crane parts, stop working immediately, halt and de-energize the crane and leave the danger zone.

Finally, all emergency situations should be recorded in the logbook, as well as the engineer responsible for keeping the lifting equipment in good condition must be notified.


Only timely maintenance of the crane, crane beams, bridge cranes, leveling of the crane tracks will help identify the crane’s faults in a timely manner and prevent accidents.

Contact the service center if you require:

  • crane repair
  • commissioning of crane equipment
  • leveling of crane truck, etc.

This will reduce your costs for the maintenance of lifting equipment and will avoid its overturning.