Latest News from Florida

6 axle self-propelled mounting trailer & hydraulic lifting portal system Sarens JTR 500 were delivered to their destination.

Sarens Rigging International performed the work on the delivery & installation of 14 transport modules of the worked-out nuclear fuel storage facility to the St. Lucie nuclear power plant, which was added to the existing reactor core storage matrix.

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The weight of each module is approximately 184,000 pounds, which were unloaded from the barge, transported to the site of installation on self-propelled mounting modular trolleys & then unloaded & mounted using a portal hydraulic lifting system.

Natural conditions

Energy company Florida Power & Light Company are going to close their nuclear power plants located in Florida because of the approach of Hurricane Irma. The company operates the Saint Lucie nuclear power plants in Florida. At the same time, it was announced that FPL facilities are fortified in terms of ability to resist floods & storms in the US.

Hurricane Irma has already reached the fifth, maximum category, it’s now named the most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic for the last decade. Experts think that it’s stronger than the hurricane Harvey, which in late August hit the coast of Texas & led to a catastrophic flood.

The danger to the environment

US energy company Duke Energy Florida announced the cancellation of plans to build a nuclear power plant in Florida.

Instead, the company will invest $6 billion in solar power plants (700 MW), energy storage (50 MW), network infrastructure & 500 charging stations for electric vehicles.

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The specified volume of solar generation should be built within the next four years. With its help, the current installed capacity of solar energy in Florida will be doubled (not counting the new projects of other power engineers).

The nuclear power plant Levy was planned back in 2008. Nevertheless, first cheap natural gas & then the problems of the supplier of Westinghouse reactors did not allow the project to move from the spot. At the same time, the company invested $800 million in the project, which, in fact, its customers paid through electricity bills.