The information from the media about Latin American breakbulk situation

Latin American logistics activity

The logistics sphere keeps growing up in Latin America. There are plenty of events happening in Latin America every day, which allow developing the sphere. Many issues in the logistics field are observed on the website. Consider the most important of them:

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  • ALE heavy-lifting activity: the famous company lifted a 13,000-tonne module on the height of 14 meters. To complete such a lifting, the company used its innovative Mega Jack system. It is just a part of a bigger project, which should be fulfilled by the end of the year.
  • A new stage of work: the Latin American companies keep developing. Today they want to build better in-house expertise to compete with the giants, such as Brazil’s Petrobras. The best firms have very high deep-water results, technologies, and production. The development is also required because of the growing oil demand all over the globe.
  • The installation of Garayalde turbines: ALE made another step in the global market moving the elements for the Garayalde wind farm project. It was a challenging task because of the remote area. The route was about 250 km, while the number of the turbines was seven.
  • Daily services are launched from Juan Lacaze: a project cargo professional KMA started to offer ferry services from Juan Lacaze to Buenos Aires. Thus, it is now possible to transport the cargo from Uruguay to Argentina. The new venture united several companies, such as Suvari and SMI.
  • The plants in Peru are demobilized: Ryano Projects transported the temporary power plants to the Netherlands. The first step was their demobilization. In order to lift the components with the weight of 20 tonnes, the firm found a complex solution with the manual jacking and skidding.
  • A mobile harbor crane is delivered by CTO: a CTO carrier became responsible for the transportation of the crane to the Port of Vila do Conde. The weight of the unit reached over 310 tonnes. The transportation was carried out on a barge.
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Latin America: the current situation in the breakbulk industry

The majority of countries in Latin America are still the developing economies. Nevertheless, the region is very promising for the logistics sphere. Latin America is famous for the transportation of steel constructions and other elements. The companies are very good at the heavy lifting and deliveries to the remote locations.

All the news concerning the innovations and activity of Latin America are available on the website.