LBC tank terminals: new quay

Port & LBC Tank Terminals have started creating a new pier.

The administration of the Rotterdam’s port’s successfully launched a project to build a new quay at the LBC in the Botlek area (industrial district), where the refining & petrochemical industry’s concentrated, the port administration said.

boats on water

According to the general director of LBC, the new marina will increase the potential of LBC Rotterdam to meet customer needs & expand services. On the pier, it is planned to build two objects for sea vessels as well as two others – for river barges. This’ll increase the capacity & the profit four times for the LBC.

Stages of the process

The quay will be made in two stages. The 1st stage, including the creation of two berths, is scheduled to be finished by the middle of 2016. All berths together will be put into operation at the end of 2017. As a result, LBC will be able to handle parcel tankers with deadweight up to 80 thousand tons with simultaneous loading/unloading at all berths.

LBC also works in Rotterdam; the forecasts about its storage capacity increasing include data about 250 thousand cubic meters. In addition, the loading & unloading sites for wagons & trucks for the transshipment of liquids will be modernized. The port will manage to handle loads that require steam treatment & the control of the temperature. A new storage facility with a total capacity of 36,000 cubic meters with steel tanks will be available in early 2016.

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More about the project

LBC Tank’s among the greatest world operators working with the liquid cargo storage, as well as chemicals & petroleum products. LBC is an owner & operator of a whole set of terminals around the world with a sum storage ability of about 3 million cubic meters at key locations on the territory of China, US & EU as well.

Rotterdam’s considered the biggest hub on the EU territory with a pretty well organized infrastructure designed to service ocean services, feeder lines, pipelines, rail & road transport. There’re about 120 terminals in the port. The annual turnover of the port of Rotterdam is 450 million TEU on average. 70% of the port’s shares belong to the city municipality, 30% – to the state.