Learn how do bridges move

Sarens is the world leader in lifting and moving heavy cargo. If you are looking for the answer to the question “How do bridges move?” – it’s right here.

The company has an enormous work experience, has all the necessary licenses, certificates, and permits, as well as material and human resources for the successful performance of responsible work on lifting and moving heavy equipment.

golden bridge during night time

Sarens offers its customers mobile and crawler cranes for rent, as well as transportation of oversized cargo.

In various regions, a number of projects were successfully implemented through the company, including a complex of lifting and delivering heavy-duty columns, reactors, and other petrochemical and gas equipment, as well as Luxembourg bridges.


Park of automobile and caterpillar cranes, specialized multi-axle modular trailers for handling cargoes weighing up to 650 tons.

Solution of turnkey tasks

In Sarens, specialists are ready to take care of the project from start to finish: survey the terrain, find a technical solution and develop a project for the production of works, receive cargo in the port and carry out its transshipment to vehicles, obtain the necessary permits for transportation and deliver the cargo to the construction site, unload from the vehicle, and install the equipment on the foundation.

Reliability, quality, safety

The company fulfills its obligations, it can be relied upon. There are all necessary licenses, certificates, and permits, as well as material and human resources for the tremendous performance of reliable work on moving & lifting heavy equipment. The safety of the production of works for Sarens is paramount, since it knows the value of human life. The actions of the enterprise are aimed at preventing, identifying, and eliminating any risks of the occurrence of accidents or incidents.

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The main goal is to be a role model worldwide in the field of lifting and handling of oversized cargoes, a specialist in solving extraordinary problems: “There is nothing too heavy or too high.”

Sarens builds the future on the solid foundation of a rich experience.