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There were used 96 self-propelled mounting Kamag carts – a system of mobile supporting and spacer structures. Sarens Rigging International in North America moved a bridge using the technology of accelerated replacement, installing the self-propelled mounting modular carts in the design position of the Sam White Bridge structure 354 feet long and weighing 3.8 million pounds in less than five hours.

At least a few thousand spectators came to see the spectacle, which took all approaches to the site of installation works.

The spanning structure was delivered from the site of the aggregate assembly and was installed in the design position through an eight-lane highway.

Other bridges in Utah

white bridge over river during night time

Scientists have found out why and how the famous Rainbow Bridge vibrates in Utah. It turned out that the design “hears” the waves of the distant lake and reacts to the earthquakes that humans have made.

Geologists from the United States investigated the stability of the famous Rainbow Bridge. It turned out that the impact of a man rocking an arch of sandstone is stronger than gusts of wind and natural seismic activity. The rainbow bridge is considered one of the wonders of nature. It is located in the southern part of Utah on the lands of the Navajo tribe and is considered the largest natural arch in nature.

To study the stability of the stone arch, scientists placed seismic sensors on the bridge. This listening allowed understanding the basic bridge move.

Based on the readings of sensors and detailed photos of the bridge, scientists managed to build a dynamic 3D model of the arch. It turned out that the weight of the whole structure is about 110 thousand tons.

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In the course of the study, it became clear that the Rainbow Bridge is constantly experiencing many deformations. It twists, sways from side to side and back and forth, and oscillates in a vertical plane.

In total, scientists counted eight modes of oscillation of a stone arch.

Specialists compare the moving bridge to playing the guitar: “When you pull the string, you create a basic tone and a few overtones. This will be different modes of oscillation.” Usually, the bridge oscillates with small amplitude but a more serious impact on the Rainbow Bridge is exerted by external factors that cause the entire stone mass to vibrate at resonance frequencies.