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What are the forklifts: scope of the use and selection criteria

In recent years, forklifts, especially models with counterweights, are very popular in industrial enterprises. This is new specialized warehouse equipment intended for transportation and storage of various cargoes & pallets. In this article, we will look at the main advantages and areas of using forklifts, as well as understand the main criteria for choosing this kind of equipment.

Characteristics, features, and ways of using forklifts

A few know that a forklift differs from a standard truck transport. Therefore, it is often confused with other modifications of loaders. Let’s see what a forklift is.

Under the forklift (or mast) loader is commonly understood a floor-type storage equipment used for transportation and transportation of large-sized items in the construction and industrial sectors. The main design feature of this equipment is the availability of an additional hinged device, which in the process of using the technology is mounted to increase the technical capabilities of the forklift. This hinged device also enhances the performance characteristics of the equipment.

With regard to the scope of use of forklift equipment, it is worth noting the relevance of this vehicle in the industrial sectors, the use in warehouses. Forklift trucks are used in the trade sector, in the transportation of goods, at ports and in logistics companies, in large warehouses, and production workshops.

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Criteria for choosing a forklift truck

First of all, you need to understand which manufacturer you trust more: foreign or domestic. Also, experts identify two important criteria on which the quality and efficiency of a forklift truck depend. Consider them when choosing this type of equipment and do not save on warehouse floor equipment.

The first criterion: load capacity forklift. There are two types of load capacity: nominal (that is, working) and maximum (very rarely used, in fact). These parameters are indicated in the technical passport of the merchandize – carefully study it before purchasing. Depending on the purpose for which you need a forklift, the highest maximum load capacity or the optimum ratio of these two values is selected.

The second criterion is the kind of engine. The type of engine directly depends on the capacity of the equipment, its technical capabilities, and the service life. In the case of load-carrying capacity, two types of engines are distinguished: electric and diesel. Each of them has both advantages and disadvantages of use.