Learn more about Hassi Massoud Algeria

About the field

Hassi-Mesaoud oil field in Algeria, one of the biggest ones in the world. Located in the Northern Sahara, 100 km east from the city of Ouargla. Included in the Algerian-Libyan oil and gas basin. It was discovered in 1956 and has been developing since 1958.

The initial industrial oil reserves are 1,140 million tons. It is timed to a dome-shaped uplift in the northern part of the western side of the Central Algerian syneclise. The dimensions of the local structure are 40,445 km, the amplitude is 280 m. Collectors, represented by sandstones and quartzite-sandstones of Ordovician and Cambrian age with a porosity of 5-10% and permeability up to 10 mD, lie at a depth of 3200-3400 m., up to 600 m of Triassic age. Light oil has density of 803 kg/m3, sulfur content 0.13%, paraffin 2.4%. Annual oil production of 10 million tons (1988), accumulated by the beginning of 1989 – 620 million tons. Oil via 5 oil pipelines with a total length of 2,880 km is delivered. The deposit is developed by the Dodsal Group and Sonatrach, a state-owned company.

Latest news

The Minister of Energy and Mines of Algeria, Youssef Yousfi, announced the discovery of the largest field in the country in the last 20 years.

Oil deposits are found near the large Hassi Messaoud oil field in southeast Algeria.

According to the minister, the new field hides oil reserves of 1.3 billion barrels.

Yusfi stressed that the state-owned company Sonatrach will use unusual technological methods for extracting 50% of oil in the new field, including the technology of hydraulic fracturing.

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Oil production will be carried out over the next three to four years.

About city

The name of the city means “the former blessed”, and it is truly blessed, as it’s the largest oil field. No one expected that this city, which for many years had been completely deserted, would suddenly present such a gift. You will not find attractions or anything else in the world, similar to the local, since this place is locates very close to the desert Sahara.

The main glory of the city exists in particular due to the opening of an oil field in 1956; it sharply increased the existing economic status. There is an irrigation system.Traders and other people often come to the city to let their animals and themselves quench their thirst.

Hassi Messaoud has many other features in addition to oil refineries. The remains of the French fort near the city are now in ruins but still beautiful and of historical value.

The history and people of Hassi Messaoud are what everyone needs to see.