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“New Cairo” will be divided into several functional areas. By 2020, the population will reach 5 million people.

In Egypt, they plan to move the capital to another city. Nevertheless all this time the capital was located in Cairo. This need is caused by the overpopulation of it – 20 million people. This city will be the modern financial as well as administrative center of entire Egypt. The location of the main state ministries & other facilities, as well as various embassies, the transport knots & the amusement park, which will be powered by the capital power plant, will be there.

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Recently the Minister of Construction of Egypt Mustafa Madbuli announced plans for the creating of a new capital at a conference on economic development. According to him, the new city, which has not even got a name yet, will be located to the east of Cairo, between the metropolis & the port of Suez.

The area given for this territory will be about 700 square kilometers. It is stated that by 2020 5 million people will live in the “new Cairo” & capital power equipment will be very developed.


The planning decision of the new political & business capital of Egypt is being developed by the Egyptian Ministry of Housing using materials from the design firm Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, the SOM website says. The initial plan for the general development of the “new Cairo” has already been developed in SOM by architects.


According to the idea of SOM, the abovementioned capital is supposed to be divided into several functional areas including business, cultural, residential etc. The residential area will consist of 100 blocks.

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The basis of each district of the “new Cairo” will be the central public space around which shops, schools & religious buildings will be located. Such a scheme of district centers will allow decentralizing the capital & improving transport accessibility.

“The city of the future is going to strengthen & diversify the economic potential of Egypt, creating new attractive places for life & work,” says Daniel Ringelstein, one of its authors.