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Local cargo in Liberty terminals Savannah GA

Savannah is a US port on the Atlantic coast of the country on the Savannah River, 24 km from its mouth. The port of Savanna is available for Seaonus stevedoring vessels with a draft of up to 11 m.

The east coast terminal Savannah GA length of the mooring front is over 10 km with a depth of 4.6–12 m. The following sea cargo is imported through the port: oil and oil products, metals, fertilizers, foodstuff. Cotton, agricultural machinery, forest materials, agricultural products are exported.

The total yearly turnover of global stevedoring Jacksonville FL maritime freight port of Savannah is 13.5 million tons. Berths are equipped with modern equipment for loading and unloading sea cargo. The shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises of the port of Savannah, having a dry dock and slip, provide the construction and repair of middle tonnage vessels and ships of up to the class of destroyers inclusively.

State Attractions

Atlanta is one of the three highest cities in the United States. It is here that Bank of America Plaza stands – one of the tallest buildings on Earth (26th place), as well as the most eco-friendly skyscraper Symphony Tower. Atlanta is home to the Holocaust Museum, which holds 600 unique photographs and the diary of the famous Anne Frank. It also houses the largest aquarium in the world in which the whale shark lives. To the east in the mountains of Stone Mountain, there is a cable car and the largest amusement park on the planet – “6 flags”.

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The Centennial Olympic Park, the Alpine village of Alpine-Helen, the “Little White House”, the Calloway gardens, and the unusually beautiful Oakfenoki swamp also deserve attention.


In 2007, the state’s GDP was $396 billion. The following industries were developed: textile, clothing, food, chemical, tobacco. The headquarters of the following large corporations are based here: The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, United Parcel Service, and many more. Also, the headquarters of TNT, CNN, Cartoon Network, and other media giants locate here. Large aircraft factories operate in Marietta and Savannah. West Point has one of the largest automobile factories like Kia Motors. It also has a paper factory in Savannah, a brewery in Albany. In Georgia, there are two nuclear power plants that produce about 25% of the state’s energy. In agriculture, over 50% of the value of commodity products come from poultry farming and animal husbandry, peaches, peanuts, tobacco, corn, and cotton.