Liebherr 1250 is a crane that is useful to everyone who wants to get high-tech equipment

The ltm1250-6.1 truck crane sets new standards in the crane class with a load capacity of 250 tons. With the 6-section, 72-meter telescopic boom fully retracted, the crane has a lifting capacity of 14 tons. The modular design of the data bus system ensures greater economy and safety for the drive chassis and crane installation.


yellow and black crane under cloudy sky during daytime


  • The length of the crane is 17.6 m. The chassis length is 15.6 m
  • the angle of entry is 17°, the angle of exit is 19°
  • the minimum turning radius is 13.1 m (when turning the wheels of 5 bridges).

Hydro-pneumatic suspension system Niveaumatik provides a uniform load on the axle (12 tons).

Additional braking system consists of: retarder in automatic transmission, Telma eddy brake on the fourth bridge, brake valve with exhaust gas distribution (ZBS).

The main pluses of the new design:

  • Oval Boom Profile
  • patented system of internal fixation of boom sections
  • automatic telescoping system “Telematik”.

Telescopic boom with electronic control system for the telescoping process.

Guide plates made of polyamide.

Spacious cockpit control cabin

Cab is made of galvanized steel sheet, with sliding door, with heat and noise insulation, tinted windows, opening front window, upper window of armored glass, the windows on the outside are equipped with large size cleaners, sunblinds.

Additional automotive heater Thermo 90S (Webasto) with engine preheating system. Pneumatics pullout step for safe lifting onto the swivel platform. The possibility of tilting the cabin back up to 20 degrees. Work scheduler UCCON is a computer program for planning, modeling, and documenting the operation of a crane on a computer.

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In a two-dimensional planning program, you can draw buildings, write texts, and represent a scale model of a crane that mimics all working movements within an imaginary construction site.

The work scheduler provides greater visibility, facilitates the instruction of crane operators and can be used with a laptop directly on the construction site.